11 Bizarre Ways People Are Getting Away With Not Paying Their Bills Claim Mental Problems
People are wonderful at avoidance, they come up with all sorts of excuses to put off a bill collector. Excuses such as saying they are not the person that owes the bill, the bill was incurred by someone else with the same name or that the bill was incurred by someone else using the person’s name and address. People are masters at diverting the bill collectors.

Here are some of the more bizarre methods people have for avoiding bills:

Pending Bankruptcy
Many people will tell the bill collector that they are intending on filing bankruptcy so they don’t have to worry about the bill anymore. Many people that are actually planning on filing bankruptcy feel empowered against the debt collector and can not only get obstinate but rather belligerent because they feel protected against the debt collector, even before they have filed. People that are planning on filing bankruptcy often run up their credit cards and other types of debt on purpose with the intention of discharging all of it during bankruptcy and retaining possession of the items.

Before bankruptcy was reformed, many people filed bankruptcy and when it progressed to a certain amount, they would sabotage their own bankruptcy so it would be dismissed and then they would file over and over again, this caused an automatic stay to be placed on all bills and collectors over and over again and this could go on for years.

Name Change
Some people have been known to change their names in an effort to thwart bill collectors in following them, though they didn’t seem to take into consideration that these same bill collectors also probably had other identifying information on them.

Never Received The Goods

It has been all too often that people will try to avoid debt by blaming their debt on the debt collector saying that they didn’t get what they were purchasing so why should they have to pay for it even though someone else retained possession of it.

Blame The Credit Card Companies
A number of people have tried to escape from paying debts such as credit cards stating that it is the credit card company’s fault that they are in debt because they offered this ability to fall into debt. Kind of like the idea of attractive nuisance. The debtor doesn’t want to take responsibility for their own actions so they blame it on the company that gave them the credit. Saying you don’t deserve repayment because you caused this issue by offering the credit to me.

The PO Box Shuffle
Some people give a P.O. box as their billing address for their charges, they might pay their bills for a little while, then drop the P.O. box thinking that once the P.O. box isn’t registered to them anymore, the bill collector will not have any way to get a-hold of them, they also change their phone numbers with no forwarding number for the same reason and hopeful effect.

What Car?
There are many that will buy things and hide them someplace where they are not accessible to the debt collector and then just stop paying the payments. Without having access, the debt collector has no choice but to file a civil action for a money judgment.

If a money judgment is filed against someone and they are notified of the judgment amount, many people pretend like it never happened. This often works in their favor because civil judgments are often ignored once they are over ten years old.

Play Offense
Some rather bold people go on the offensive when it comes to bill collectors, they begin quoting all sorts of different law that they have discovered that makes it so they don’t have to pay for the bills they incurred.

Form Your Own Country

A rather unique way of trying to avoid paying bills is to renounce citizenship, more than one person has claimed that they are no longer a citizen of any nation but a nation unto themselves and as such are no longer responsible for any bills to any party including the local, state and federal governments.

Claim Mental Problems
An interesting if not somewhat humorous way of trying to avoid paying bills is to pretend to have lost ones senses and because of the loss of sense, they believe themselves to have escaped responsibility for any bills they incurred.

Divert The Blame
Many people try to avoid debt responsibility when dealing with leased vehicles by complete fabrications. They can explain away dents and other forms of more major damage as normal wear and tear on the vehicle due to the locations the vehicle was driven in, for example; I live and drive in New York, of course the vehicle has scrapes and dents, that is normal for any car that is driven in New York.
Another good one is, yes, this is my credit card, but my son or daughter charged this charge on it so you need to collect from them, however they are under age and so are not responsible for their actions so I guess there is no way for you to claim the debt because I sure didn’t do it and I didn’t give them permission to do it either

Why Would You Sell To Me? I'm A Theif
One of the ultimate lines in non responsibility is, you continued to sell me merchandise even after some of my invoices went past due, therefore, since you sold me goods while I was already past due, I don’t owe you anything for any of the items that were purchased after the original invoices became past due because you took that responsibility on yourself once you knew that I was already not paying my bills.
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Divert The Blame
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